Record Highlight — Tower Groove Records Subscription

We were really pumped to be approached by St. Louis-based Tower Groove Records late last year about pressing their 2013 7inch subscription series.  If you haven’t heard of it, check it out.  We just shipped the February installment, and the January record went out a few weeks back — next up is March.  Sign up for the subscription here!  Here’s the lineup:

January: Old Lights/Demon Lover

February: Doom Town/Black for a Second

March: Bunnygrunt/Trauma Harness

April: The Skekses/Cave of Swords

May: Tone Rodent/Kisser

June: Ransom Note/Nee

July: Maximum Effort/Shaved Women

August: Magic City/The Jungle Fire

September: Peck of Dirt/Little Big Bangs

October: Bug Chaser/Troubador Dali

November: Accelerando/Humdrum

December: Sleepy Kitty/Middle Class Fashion