Record Highlight — Boxing Clever Records Release #4

Release 4 Teaser

We were extremely pumped when Boxing Clever Records called us to take on the next installment in their series highlighting “The First Historical Record Of Music Snobbery”.  Release #4 feathers The Great Crusaders b/w Planeausters:


To describe The Great Crusades as folk-punk-country with hints of New Orleans blues is just the tip of the iceberg. This is music straight out of a smokey whiskey bar, telling tales of gritty realism with complex, multi-layered tones and dynamic instrumentation. Songs from the streets have never sounded better.


The craft of creating music is at the core of Planeausters’ mission. Filled with emotion, energy, story and impeccable musicianship on all fronts, this is an indie rock group that knows exactly what they want to say to the listener. What you take away from it can be many things, but most of all, moving.