Record Highlight — Crazy Joe

It’s hard to pin down just what Dr. “Crazy Joe” Tritschler’s “thing” is.

One one hand, there’s “Crazy Joe;” guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and occasional sideman; who tours internationally with his own group and with roots music legend Deke Dickerson; releases and distributes original music on his own label, often playing every instrument himself; and continues to evolve his unique musical vision, a hybrid of roots music styles from early rock & roll and rockabilly to soul, jazz, and R&B.

Then there’s Joe Tritschler; Emmy Award-winning audio recording engineer, producer, and audiophile; who operates Tritschler Precision Engineering, LLC, near his home base of Enon, Ohio; and designed and scratch-built nearly every piece of equipment in his all-analog audiophile recording studio, including tube microphones, limiters, monitor amplifiers, loudspeakers, tape recorder electronics, and a hybrid tube/discrete point-to-point-wired console.

Finally, there’s Dr. Simon Josef Tritschler; Instructor in the Department of Biomedical, Industrial, & Human Factors Engineering at Wright State University; who published and manufactures a precision RIAA-equalized phono preamplifier with his own Tritschler Precision Audio Devices; and has worked in the defense and aerospace industries in the area of high-reliability electronics.

It’s between these three very different – albeit related – worlds that Joe makes his home. Grab a copy of his record – The Doctor Is In! and hear for yourself!