Record Highlight — Chixdiggit!

Double Diggits! is the concurrent reissue of From Scene To Shining Scene and Born On The First of July – both available everywhere on July 23 (with special limited edition color editions available directly from Fat Wreck Chords).

Chixdiggit! was originally conceived by four guys who couldn’t play instruments after they made enough money selling tee shirts around their high school (for an at-the-time fictional band called Chixdiggit!) to purchase some drums. If that doesn’t make sense, read on, because that’s just how stuff works inChixdiggit! land. That was in 1991. Since then, Chixdiggit! have toured the world, put out records on indie juggernaut Sub Pop, wacky Fat Wreck subsidiary Honest Dons, Bad Taste (where they re-recorded and re-released a new version of their very first album…Weird, right?) and most recently Fat Wreck Chords proper.