Record Highlight — Ben Wilson & The Kimberlies

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Ben Wilson and The Kimberlies is a band. Kind of.

That is to say Wilson and Doerner have known each other since they were three. Wilson used to want to make films. Doerner still makes short films and has his own business designing things for companies. Ben and Emily met and disregarded each other at age eight then reunited and started talking about things at thirteen. Emily is an auditor. Parker joined the scene when he was born. He is currently in high school and contributed a catchy chorus and may start to play with The Kimberlies once he can figure out the bass or something.

For several reasons, which he would rather not go into, Wilson has become less interested in film. He has always written songs. Some people like his songs. “Some people probably don’t, but no one has been brave enough to tell me to my face yet.” says Wilson. The new album, My Good Side, was made for the first group of people.

The melodies are pleasant, the instrumentation relatively simple… Everybody sings. Emily takes cello lessons. All of them can snap their fingers on beat. Some can play instruments. That’s why Ben Wilson and The Kimberlies is a band. Kind of.