Fundraise: Welcome to Atom Bomb City | First EP in a 3-part series full of mystery, intrigue & pedal steel.

What is Atom Bomb Project?

Atom Bomb Project is a music project that lots of people have been involved with since 2005. At the core, it is a concept album set in a dusty, western town at the dawn of the nuclear age.

This project began when Phil Artuz, Andy Abercrombie and Pat Grady started writing songs about a dystopic town and the people who lived there; we called this place Atom Bomb City.

The plot has changed several times over the years, this latest adaptation is performed by the band Ferguson, MO. The band is comprised of Blake Lange (drums, keys), Cody Ground (organs), Dow Douthitt (banjo), Justin Douglas (pedal steel, dobro, engineer) & Pat Grady (guitars, vocals).

We broke the story up into three sections and recorded an EP for each section. You can help out the project by contributing to our fundraising goal. With your help we can get all three EPs printed quickly so you can enjoy the story in its entirety!

How can you help?

By pre-ordering the records/downloads you help the band raise the money to produce the vinyl release of the album. Via the GottaGrooveBot, you can pre-order the first EP for $10 + shipping. Alternatively, you can get the download for $5.