Customer Highlight — The Chocolate Horse

The Chocolate Horse is Jason Snell (vocals, guitar, banjo), Andrew Higley (keyboards, horns, bowed saw, vibraphone), Paul Brumm (bass, vocals), Johnny Ruzsa (alto flute, ocarina, percussion), Dave Cahill (drums) and Joe Suer (keyboards, percussion).

Jason Snell began The Chocolate Horse as a modest side-project in the summer of 2003.  It was happily self-indulgent, centered on writing simple, slightly romantic 2-minute one-liners with an old guitar and a worn-in banjo, recorded on a deteriorating 4-track recording device in which only two tracks worked.  Realizing the project’s potential and imagining a bigger, more vibrant sound Snell invited good friends and fellow musicians Andrew Higley (French horn, saw and bow, trumpet, piano, fun machine), and Paul Brumm (upright bass, vocals) to join in.  The result is a whirlwind of experimentation and the birth of the hauntingly melodic, non-traditional edge that is The Chocolate Horse.

We were proud to have been enlisted by Jason to press the trio’s latest album, Beasts on wax.  The custom “luna green” color wax is very limited, but you can grab it from Stable Records now!