Happy RSD 2019!!

Be sure to check your local indie retailer for these titles pressed at GGR for Record Store Day! Good Old Boys (Jerry Garcia, Frank Wakefield, David Nelson, Brantley Kearns, Pat Campell) – Live: Drink Up […]

Record Store Day 2017

Happy RSD 2017!  10 years of celebrating the indie record stores that so many of us spend much of our free time and spare dimes…here’s a list of titles pressed by GGR this year: Cheap […]

Record Highlight — Dreambook

Dreambook is self-described as “heavy distorted guitars with swirly lead lines & fuzzed out bass over deeply textured drum beats.”  Their new album, Only Shadows is available for purchase early before the “official” RSD release date […]

Record Highlight — Raglani

Husk, a career-spanning double-LP retrospective marking Raglani’s “early period” (2004-2009), is both the artist’s “Best-of” collection, as well as a document of a personal orientation within the canon of electronic music.  As a devoted student […]

Happy Record Store Day!

While we would like to say that every day is Record Store Day around these parts, we’d still like to throw a shout-out to all of the participating stores and consumers on this annual April […]