Luna – Bewitched (GGR Exclusive)(2020 Repress)



This epic 1990s album is finally being given the vinyl treatment by Gotta Groove Records. In celebration of Gotta Groove’s 3-year anniversary, the album will be released on vinyl for the first time anywhere in the world in August 2012. The record features the cover art and photography (by Michael Lavine Laurie Henzelwhich) which the band had intended for the release, but which was replaced at the last minute when the original CD version was released.

For his second album with Luna, Dean Wareham expands on the foundation laid by his work in Galaxie 500. While fans at the time likened the charm of the first Galaxie records to the Velvet Underground and Lou Reed, Wareham’s yelping, trebly vocals (endearing to some and irritating to others) always seemed to blow that comparison to heck, contrasting the hipster cool of Lou with the nervous introspection of Dean. But now, after Luna’s prestigious opening slot for the VU reunion tour, Wareham, older and wiser, sounds more like Lou than ever, his former warbly insecurity replaced by a full command of a masterfully sublime, albeit low-key, sonic spectrum. Behind him, the band grooves with a low, subdued energy: the metaphor at hand would be something along the order of a smoldering ember, rather than the out-or-control spark that flamed through Galaxie’s On Fire. Warm and reassuring in its familiar design and feel, Bewitched fits like an old familiar sweater, growing warmer, snugger, and more personable with each listen. Top cuts: “California (All The Way),” “Tiger Lily,” “This Time Around,” “Going Home” and “Sleeping Pill.” (CMJ New Music Review – Exclusive Review)

Released on vinyl for first time August 21, 2012. Original Album Release Date: March 1994 via Elektra

Members: Dean Wareham, Sean Eden, Justin Harwood, Stanley Demeski

Production: Victor Van Vugt, Jen Monnar, Susanne Dyer, Bob Ludwig

Vinyl Production: Lacquers engineered by Clint Holley, Well Made Music; Pressed and Marketed by Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio.

Album Art Photography & Design: Michael Lavine and Laurie Henzel

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in