Record Highlight — |▄_.__▀ ▀||| . ._____▀▀|

a . house . no . books . no . clocks is the first vinyl release by |▄_.__▀ ▀||| . ._____▀▀|, a non-proficiency research unit whose members live in Mexico City and 07030. The authors compiled 20 assay results from a longitudinal study of microphonic dross, conventional ineptitude, and all-frequencies error. Methods included transducer-array and -distance misjudgment, self-osc. horripilation, and all-zero fidelity ranges. Unplanned coherence intervals were isolated and assigned strange names.
a . house . no . books . no . clocks was recorded and mixed by |▄_.__▀ ▀||| . ._____▀▀| with analog and digital signals. Paul Gold of Salt Mastering mastered. Caroline Oh designed. One-hundred copies were pressed. If yours has not reached you it may be late.