Record Highlight — Kristin Diable

When Kristin Diable says she plays “roots music,” she is as much describing an approach as a genre.

You can grab a copy of her new LP, Kristin Diable & The City at any of her many tour stops, and soon on her webstore as well!

From Kristin:  “This album was recorded in our loft apartment in the historic Upper Pontalba building, overlooking Saint Louis Cathedral and the mighty Mississippi River in the heart of New Orleans’ French Quarter. From our vantage point atop this ever-enigmatic corner of the world, we make this note on life and times: the City. The core of these songs was tracked live in an attempt to capture the integrity of spirit that arises when music is played in a room where the focal point is the joy of the moment, nothing less or more. Music, at its very best, is truth. Truth offered up in a new context that allows for the beauty to be revealed in the cracks of our perception. You cannot summon Truth at will; you can only set the table, make provisions and hope this honored guest stops by to break some bread. Truth usually slips in once you’ve turned your head the other way. She cleans her plate and goes about her business. You’ll know she was there as your cup overflows. Thank you for joining us. Welcome to our table.”