Record Highlight — The Marble Vanity

The Marble Vanity‘s “You Can’t Step On A Rainbow” 7″ single streets January 31 on Slow Fizz Records

What you see is only natural. After punishing ears for years as CoCoComa, Bill and Lisa Roe spent the last few years building Trouble in Mind Records and putting out enough hit singles to fill a candy jukebox. Goes without saying all these contact highs awakened a few demons. They found themselves playing with kites and launching yellow balloons into the sky towards Sagittarius and soon enough Andrew from The Hipshakes jumped across the pond and found himself going from every other weekend to full custody and The Marble Vanity was a band, man. Soon Emma from Hollows turned up with a harpsichord in one hand and a flute in the other to add a bit of sparkle, Josh Berman dropped by for tea with his cornet to add a little class and then there was this monkey and he had some total Owsley shit – super kind.