Customer Highlight — In One Wind

In what seem like meager beginnings, In One Wind has blossomed from a one man act into a full fledged six piece ensemble, with a sound and reputation all their own. The brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Angelo Spagnolo, In One Wind also features vocalists Mallory Glaser and Lily Claire Nussbaum, bassist Rob Lundberg, percussionist Max Jaffe and multi-reedist Steven Lugerner.

Though steeped in the tradition of folk music, In One Wind incorporates a wide range of influences from jazz to country, even stretching effortlessly into the world of improvised music and the avant-garde. The ability to start a show with soft guitar strums and whispered vocals while seamlessly breaking into odd-metered grooves and lush three part harmonies enraptures their audiences. In One Wind is truly an idiosyncratic ensemble, an ensemble that appropriately represents their home – Brooklyn, NY – where they have quickly established a solid footing in the greater New York music scene.

Stay tuned to to see how you can grab a copy of their latest LP, How Bright A Shadow.