Customer Highlight — Robbed The Bank Records

Jason Novak is a really cool guy who recently started a vinyl reissue label of his own– Robbed the Bank Records.  We at GGR were ecstatic when he contacted us about pressing his first two reissue releases — Spitalfield: Remember Right Now and The Forecast: In The Shadow of Two Gunmen.  We are happy to see that these two classic indie rock albums are seeing new light as special limited color vinyl editions.  You can pick them up at the Robbed The Bank Records online store — available individually or as fan packs including all the color variations of the the run (you can pick up test pressings too). 

Spit_large The_forecast_in_the_shadow_of_two_gunmen-b000faocfy_large

Jason Novak picking up his records at GGRHQ. Incidentally, Jason also provided Gotta Groove with some badass GGR-logo table tops. Hit him up at (800) 999-3730 to talk about getting your own band's, label's, or other custom logo table top -- they really look killer!