United Duality / Double Eagle Split 7inch (LTD Edition)


Ortwin Wendt is the driving force behind the passionate, fun, and genre-free project that is United Duality. Based in Celle, Germany, Wendt leads with the skillful guitar work and strength of songwriting. In addition though, he fills out every single with layers of instrumentation and colour – often self-crafted, often through collaborations with other vocalists and musicians; always to beautifully engaging and uplifting results.
Despite a notably varied string of influences, United Duality makes music with clear links to and inspiration from the likes of The Beatles and other pop-rock creatives of the sixties and seventies.

Double Eagle is a mysterious duo who began recording between 25 and 800 years ago. Until 2020, these recordings were only accessible via Maxell XL-II cassette and exchanged in exclusive trading triangle(s). The year 2020 brought along with it the release of Thurman’s Kitchen, the first vinyl release by Double Eagle, and the first on the promising label, TWICE AS HIGH Records. The final Double Eagle release will undoubtedly be regarded among the masterpieces of intergalactic music.


Limited Pressing of 300 on Twice As High Records (TAH-003)