Double Eagle – Thurman’s Kitchen 7inch (LTD Edition)


Double Eagle is a mysterious duo who began recording between 25 and 800 years ago. Until 2020, these recordings were only accessible via Maxell XL-II cassette and exchanged in exclusive trading triangle(s). The year 2020 brought along with it the release of Thurman’s Kitchen, the first vinyl release by Double Eagle, and the first on the promising label, TWICE AS HIGH Records. The final Double Eagle release will undoubtedly be regarded among the masterpieces of intergalactic music.

While Double Eagle has not performed live in this timeline since 1 January 2000, they have many releases planned already in 2021, and will perform live again if the timelords allow it. Many rumours regarding their re-emergence have circulated, and while many may be true, many more are potentially purely legend, with hints to the parallel past. This unusual trend will likely be covered in a coffee-table book to be published by JJS News World Services in the next few years [JoeJoe and Simon have explained that the controversies causing delays in this project are being handled by Double Eagle Legal using the Realm Defense].


Limited Pressing of 200 on
Twice As High Records (TAH-001)

Includes 2 inserts, 3 stickers, and hand-stamped inner sleeve